Oh the irony of Twitter Trolls

This week’s Crétin Du Jour is this angry guy. Oh dear. What had I written to annoy him so much? Well, I’d written a piece about Twitter trolls, and Twitter’s recent set-up of a content monitoring “Trust and Saftey Council” which is supposed to address the issue of Twitter Trolls. In particular the ones who make rape threats, death threats and offensive remarks.

In the article, I also pointed out that people who use pseudonyms and potentially fake IDs can’t demand rights to free speech, because free speech is a right for actual people. It’s a subtle point, perhaps, but it’s unarguable, in the same way an anonymous Twitter user couldn’t demand the right to vote, or the right to a free trial or anything else. You only get rights if you’re an actual person, with a real name. That’s just how human rights and civil liberties works.

And then I went on to discuss Twitter’s commercial prospects and such. Interesting if you like that sort of thing. You can read it here if you want. Anyway, the irony is almost too perfect. I write a piece about Twitter trolls, saying that they’re not really arguing for free speech so much as the right to send people anonymous offensive messages… and what happens? BOOM!