This man says I’m a “retard” and doing “faggotry”

And here’s Josh saying it on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 17.38.06

What I love about this guy is he’s lawyer who specialises in defending Protection from Abuse orders. That’s right, defending men accused of sexual and physical abuse of women and children, stalking, that sort of thing. Now, of course, everyone is entitled to legal representation, however the whole “retard” and “faggotry” shtick hints at Josh’s motivations for doing it. And it’s not out of civic duty or humanitarianism, is it?

(In my experience, the civic minded tend not to accuse people of faggotry, especially not retards).

Anyway, I did write to Josh on LinkedIn to ask him. So far, he hasn’t replied. Never mind. I’ll keep you posted if he does…