Oh the irony of Twitter Trolls

This week’s Crétin Du Jour is this angry guy. Oh dear. What had I written to annoy him so much? Well, I’d written a piece about Twitter trolls, and Twitter’s recent set-up of a content monitoring “Trust and Saftey Council” which is supposed to address the issue of Twitter Trolls. In particular the ones who make rape threats, death threats …

Voice commands or gesture recognition

Voice commands or gesture recognition: how will we control the Computers that augment our vision with new abilities and convincing virtual worlds are commonplace in science fiction, but can they survive on the high street? Winning a slice of the consumer tech market is dangerously unpredictable, pitting Kickstarter funded enthusiasts against corporate giants, and the bedroom boffins are winning.

Oculus Rift review

Oculus Rift review: It felt like ski goggles with a smartphone glued Arguably the most anticipated new gadget of the decade so far is the Oculus Rift, the oddly named, crowd-funded Virtual Reality (VR) headset. It’s just started appearing in game development studios and is destined to hit the high street in 2014, priced around $300 in the US.

Why all the fuss over the V&A’s 3D-printed gun?

Why all the fuss over the V&A’s 3D-printed gun? It’s a symbol – not a The 3D printed gun is nothing more than “a dangerous toy” according to one of the UK’s leading 3D print experts. Jonathan Rowley is design director for the company that produced the controversial weapon for the V&A museum. His team at London 3D print company, …

New Design Museum exhibition claims ‘the future is here’- but are we?

New Design Museum exhibition claims ‘the future is here’- but are we The Future Is Here – A New Industrial Revolution is to open at London’s Design Museum. It’s a chance for the public to get up close to new technologies that are as significant to the future of global manufacturing industries as they are popular on Twitter and Youtube.

Is the high-street ready for 3D printers?

Is the high-street ready for 3D printers? Twitter was buzzing recently with newspapers, bloggers and geeks trumpeting the news that UK high street retailer Maplin was to start selling “the first 3D printer for use in the home”. Has 3D printing finally ‘arrived’ for ordinary consumers or is it just media hype?

3D printing for dummies: How do 3D printers work?

3D printing for dummies: How do 3D printers work? It seems like everyone from the White House to Amazon.com is talking about 3D printing these days, but what exactly is it? Here’s a quick guide to what all the hype is about… What is a 3D printer? 3D printers are a new generation of machines that can make everyday things.

Ford confirms “UberTesla” plan?

Ford confirms “UberTesla” plan? A few weeks ago I wrote about the disruptive influence of electric vehicles and driverless cars on the future of mainstream car manufacturing – “Why Uber *has* to buy Tesla”. Last week, Ford’s CEO Mark Fields confirmed that the brand that fathered mainstream motor vehicles is planning to pivot the company towards the same kind of …

Nissan & Tesla vs. energy “gridlock”

Nissan & Tesla vs. energy “gridlock” Clean renewable home energy has an arch nemesis. It’s not (as some green narratives might suggest) powerful oil lobbies holding it back for the sake of profits though, it’s much more boring than that.

Why Uber *has* to buy Tesla

Why Uber *has* to buy Tesla Silicon Valley predictions are (like all predictions) a mug’s game. Much has been made in recent months of predictions that Apple could buy Tesla. They could, it’s true. But they won’t. We’ve also seen a lot of commentary on Uber’s wild multi-billion valuations and capital raises, and forecasts of what Tesla does next.