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Screwproof - no sharks, no bullshit warning label

Screwproof – doing deals that won’t f*ck up   is a book for anyone who wants to make better decisions.  It’s about understanding a little more about how your brain makes decisions and understanding a lot more about the reasons why business deals and negotiations go wrong.

It’s also laugh out loud funny, full of bad language and easy to follow.  It’s a funny, useful book for independent, creative thinkers who want to do their own thing, especially if that’s working in media, design or tech start-ups.  Screwproof explains the world of closing business deals from a point of view that large corporations and respected academics won’t like, because it debunks a lot of conventional business wisdom, cuts through the crap and sees business for what it really is – just another aspect of life, rather than something that happens in an office whilst you’re wearing a suit.

Whether you’re just starting out, or ditching the suit and commute to start your own company, Screwproof gives you a simple way to stop your hopes (and fears) from getting in the way of making rational business decisions.  From working out if your negotiating your way into a one-sided deal to defending yourself against  charging wildebeest, it’s a book that will prove invaluable when things are going wrong, by helping you avoid problems before they start.

It’s a 35,000 word guide for free thinkers who want to work and make money, but know that life isn’t all about your job title or your bank balance.

Don’t get screwed, get screwproofed.

What people are saying about the book…


Over the years, countless hard-hitting stand-ups and satirists have proved the power of comic sensibilities to tackle deadly serious matters head-on. This book is unique in my experience at wielding them to make businesses more effective and business people happier.

Bill Pope, Public Service Publisher


The Sandwich Guy test works, the simple rules work, the book made me laugh out loud.  It’s practical, funny and useful if your an entrepreneur or an investment fund manager – get it.

Baldwin Berges, Managing Partner at Silk Invest


When Andrew asked me to review his business book I rolled my eyes and instantly started to regret those favours I hadn’t expected him to cash in (there’s a chapter on that in his book).  I reluctantly started reading the book on a busy commuter train to Brussels and got myself kicked out of the quiet carriage for laughing.  Andrew has some genuinely new and insightful ideas, told with candour and humour that you wouldn’t normally find in this genre.

John Kernan, Senior Vice President, Leading European Bank


Funny, informative, friendly, persuasive. Fun to read and I really learnt a lot.

Jeremy Banx, Cartoonist


Find out more about the book, what’s in it, download free chapters here


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