Andrew Keith Walker was sent from hell to destroy mankind

I'm also a writer.

I wasn't really sent from hell to destroy mankind. That's just <i>writing</i>

My biz card says I'm that guy... you know... from the thing you went to.

my business card says "that guy from that thing you went to"

I mean, seriously, business cards? We've got AI lightbulbs, but we're still doing the dead tree thing?

I'm a freelance writer. I write about future tech, the digital economy and human behaviour.

Over the last twenty years I've started 4 successful tech companies. I sold out and escaped to the country in 2012, and since then I've written about the strange relationship between technology and humans for newspapers, magazines and TV shows.

These days I write a lot for large corporate clients and industry blogs, including ghostwriting for CEOs who are too busy to write for themselves. I also help brands develop more interesting content.

Andrew Keith Walker is a guest keynote speaker at lots of conferences

Maybe you've seen me predicting the future...

It's easy to forget that in 1994 - when I started working as a web game designer - people said the internet would never catch on. Companies spent fortunes on print, radio and TV.

In fact, over twenty years working in leading edge digital tech, pretty much everything I worked on was called a flash in the pan by someone. Smartphones. Apps. Social media. Big data. People are always sceptical about change.

I've spoken at dozens of conferences, explaining the big picture of the social and economic changes that come from large scale digitalisation.

(I'm the wacky sci-fi geek with the funny powerpoint that wakes people up after lunch. Ring any bells?)

I wore the keys smooth writing this old stuff and dumped it all on my blog, see?

I write so much I've worn the keys smooth on my Macbook

I spent a year writing essays about cognitive bias in everyday life, then talking about it at conferences. Take a look at how your brain is messing with you...

Screwproof ebook cover

I've got a Kindle business book out too. It was a phase, everyone was doing it back then. Mine was a top 25 smash hit for 2 days. It is now low down in the top million or so. But you could change all that...


I've curated/carelessly dumped a selection of my writing in the megablog. Not corporate client work, just media luvvy stuff like this feature on 3D printed guns for The Independent. Take a look at what I was doing whenever.


That's enough about me. Your turn.