Briefly about me

I’m a writer. I’ve written for magazines, newspapers and blogs, and this is where you can find most of my writing in some form or another.

I write about the future. Before I was a writer, I had a few successful tech start-ups where we made remarkable things happen with technologies that “would never catch on”. Until they did. The future is like that.

I’ve interviewed prime ministers, CEOs, artists and musicians, made 3D-printed jewellery, won awards, given awards, given lectures and keynotes, been a TV & radio pundit and tried very hard to prove that being a shabby middle-aged drifter* is a sensible career choice.

(*I’m now writing a novel)

  • Tech Start-Ups
  • Coffees
    at my desk
  • Cigarettes
    before I quit
  • Companies sold
    now I'm a writer

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If predictions about the future sound like science fiction to you, imagine yourself explaining the Facebook mobile app to someone in 1976.

Blasts from the past…

A superb book with excellent advice on how not to get screwed in both business and personal deals. A must-read for all small business owners.PG, Amazon customer

Screwproof: Doing deals that won’t f*ck up is a handy guide to making better business decisions.

Screwproof contains a set of thinking tools that will help anyone tune-up their deal-making skills. Plus supporting chapters that explain the psychology of business relationships and why people try to screw you in the first place.

Basically, it gives you a handle how our decisions are often influenced by emotional reactions that aren’t logical. Which is fine if you’re falling in love, but lousy if you’re closing a deal…

It’s a book written from practical experience of screwing stuff up, getting it right and learning how to avoid the bullshitters, sharks and bad deals.

What do people think of it? It made the top 50 business books for Christmas 2015!

“An exceptional read. How to make a boring subject so entertaining is a true gift. Great advice and many moments of deja vu. Andrew’s insights are utterly enthralling and his no nonsense erudite tips are unmissable. Highly recommended.”
Dr. Andy Williamson

Find out for yourself at Amazon, Scribd. or Smashwords.

“Not the usual preachy, pseudo-academic fayre I’ve come to expect from business authors. Very original thinking and frank, conversational style. Really enjoyed reading this.”John K

Automatic Zen  

  • Nobody ever really gets screwed, we make bad choices because they feel the same as good choices, in the same way a kitten and a big rat feel similar with your eyes closed…

  • You can’t control the flow of events in the universe, but when life sucks, somehow it’s partly your own fault.

  • Everyone embraces the idea of change. The bit we’re not so keen on is actually doing things differently.

  • It doesn’t matter how much porn you watch, until you actually have sex, you’re still a virgin. Being mentally prepared is one thing, getting physical is quite another.

  • Humans are complex social creatures. A policeman is a welcome sight when you’re being mugged, less so when you’re smoking a fatty with a hot chick in your mum’s car.

  • If you meet someone who thinks life is a game, remember they’ll rip off your head and piss down your neck to win it. Getting your head ripped off and being pissed on doesn’t make you a loser, just a bad judge of character.

  • Thinking every opportunity in life is a chance to succeed is like thinking every party is worth a hangover, or every burger is worth the cholesterol.

  • Remember things you learn from books are less important than your own life experience, in the same way a pair of shoes is less important than having feet to wear them.

  • People tell you everything you need to know about themselves without realising they’re doing it. The amount they tell you is inversely proportional to how much they give a shit what you think.

  • If someone tells you that a deal is a great opportunity, it tells you nothing about the opportunity, but speaks volumes about the person you’re dealing with.

  • If you give me the shirt off your back now, I’ll buy you a whole new wardrobe next week. My tarot cards say it’s a slam dunk…

  • The best things in life are free, except for stuff you really rely on like crash helmets and laser eye surgery. And the tanks they keep poisonous snakes in. And underwear. Free underwear is dreadful.

  • They say “A man who marries his mistress is creating a vacancy” but maybe a mistress marries her lover so she can get a bigger office and more evenings off.

  • When the shit hits the fan, opening an umbrella indoors is a good idea. Even if it brings you bad luck, it can’t be worse than getting covered in shit.

  • If you live next door to a serial killer, the fact they don’t have loud parties and always put their bin bags out on the right day doesn’t mean they’re a good neighbour.

  • On your journey through life, remember this: Looking back at your life is important, but if you don’t want to walk into a lamppost, looking forwards is a necessity.

  • There comes a time in everyone’s life when pondering the infinite possibilities of the cosmos gives way to the realisation you either take a piss before the movie starts, or you’ll need one before the end.

The Man Vs. Brain Project

Man versus Brain logo

The Man Vs. Brain project ran from 2013 – 2015, publishing a series of essays that took themes from cognitive modelling, contemporary psychology and pop culture to explore the way we think about everyday life. It began as a companion series to the launch of my book ScrewProof, but soon took on a life of its own, exploring the world of our unconscious.

It covered a wide range of topics, all addressing the inherent way human brains (yes, even mine) see the world with a biased viewpoint. By looking at news stories and data the essays explored the strange assumptions that shape our experience of life. On the way we discovered how we encode our drawings with rules as our brains develop, which is why at the age of 3 everything looks like a scribble but by the age of 5 drawings make sense to other people. We explored the strange fact that before the age of 4, children find it impossible to lie. We examine the idea that notions of faith are a function of human psychological development… which explains why there are over 40 hammer wielding thunder gods recorded in the religions of cultures that were isolated from one another.

The project also created a number of thinking tools that you can use to decode the true meaning of the world around you, see through marketing bullshit and tune your decision making processes to make better life choices.

The whole collection of essays from is now available here.